In early 1986, a group of young and talented cognitive researchers, primatologists and neurobiologists founded S.I.M.I. (Scientific Institute of Monkey Intelligence). Soon after, the brilliant minds behind the project started to achieve new discoveries on primate cognition and behaviour, expecially through the study of Japanese Snow Monkeys' (Macaca fuscata) communities.

In 1993, S.I.M.I. decided to take a step further into Evolution, moving its object of research from monkeys to great apes. It wasn't long before the opportunity to work with these marvelous creatures opened the way for breakthrough theories on primate intelligence.

Then, in 1999, the dream came to an end. Some animal rights organizations began to falsely accuse S.I.M.I. of cruelty to our beloved apes. That was a shock for us. Our researches had always been carried on with the wellness of our closest relatives in mind. No drugs administration nor any kind of mistreatment had ever been perpetrated in our studies. However, discredited by an illogically brutal media assault, S.I.M.I. was forced to shut down.

Until now. Strong of our knowledge achieved in years of stubborn work, we believe that we are ready to take a step further once again. As SIMIOTIC, Homo sapiens sapiens will be the focus of our research, sure that our discoveries will enlighten the path of our future as a species.

Our commitment is to Evolution.