This test is based on a research about primate cognition by the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University.* Chimpanzees, like Ai and Ayumu, have been trained to learn Arabic numerals (Levels 1-2); then, their eidetic memory was tested (Levels 3 to 6), giving astonishing results and proving better performances than humans'.

LEVEL 1 is designed to guide the subject in the learning process of a new numeral system.

LEVEL 2 consolidates the correspondence between symbols and their value.

LEVEL 3 tests the subject's memory; after touching the first numeral, the others are hidden. The subject is asked to remember which numeral appeared in which location, and touch them in numerical sequence.

LEVEL 4 is designed just like LEVEL 3, but numerals are automatically hidden after 650 ms from the start of the test.

LEVEL 5 hides numerals after 430 ms.

LEVEL 6 hides numerals after 210 ms.

Ayumu could easily score 608 on this test (i.e. Level 6, 7 numerals).
Untrained humans can barely score 506 (i.e. Level 5, 5 numerals).
It's noteworthy that children have shown better results than adults.

Could this be improved by training?

In Evolution Test you can also take the Test as it was originally conceived by the PRI. In ORIGINAL TEST MODE, the subject is presented with a session of 50 trials in which 5 Arabic numerals appear on the screen for a limited duration. The percentage of correctly completed trials is then calculated for each duration length (650 ms, 430 ms, 210 ms).**

Ayumu can score 80% on EACH level in ORIGINAL TEST MODE.

* which Simiotic is not affiliated to
** for more information about the original test: Working memory of numerals in chimpanzees (PRI Official Site).